I thought it was a necessary topic being that bringing additional children happens to many of us and so does the increase in our spending and financial needs. Am I right?

We are soon going from a family of 3 to a family of 5 – jumping from one 5 year old boy to 3 boys, all older than 5.

I think food, school supplies, school uniforms – and everything, in general being twice as expensive. Our weekly dinner out, might need to be every 2 weeks OR where in our budget do we have to take from to be able to increase.

It is no question that children (as do adults!) cost money, so when you add in more people/children, your expenses will rise.

How do you make such a wonderful experience, a financially successful one?

It goes back to having a plan. To look at your current one and see what increases you think you will have, and make an estimated budget.

No available extra funds? First, make sure you have a budget. Make one now if you do not already. Then, review some “want” costs to make up the difference in the increased costs. If you remove and shake down your expenses and still need more room, it might be time for a second job or additional income that can pay for those needs. If you are not already coupon cutting, paying in bulk/direct from the supplier – this is a great time to start.

The most exciting time in your life should not lead to stress and financial challenges – and it does not have to be, if you make a plan and stick to it.

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