So, I am starting a 21 day accountability “opportunity” with a friend. The idea behind it is that it takes 21 days to make something new, stick. The same thing can be said about exercising for me, that a new financial plan, goal – or starting a new budget plan, can mean for my accountability partner and friend. Kricha and her family.
What a great opportunity to utilize the important exercise of accountability as well. The first 21 days of any activity, as important as they are, can also be very difficult to continue without someone you trust to help you stay focused, bounce questions off of and let’s face it, get you out of bed (or keep you from shopping/continue towards your goals) on days when you
With that said, there has to be a motivation to anything worth doing. That is not hard to understand and agree with, right?
My motivation is 21 says of exercise is a lifetime of exercise, weight loss, healthy living, a long life, free of illness and extra time with my family.  21 days…
Your motivation for a budget might be having control of your money, to be able to save for emergencies, not have to live paycheck to paycheck, gain self control or self-esteem and create long term opportunities for growth and stability, or some with a dash of something personal. A budget can do all of that for you as powerful as it can be. 

What new activity do you need to make permanent in your household? Will you join me in this 21 day challenge? Tweet #21daysforbetterways with your posts and videos, grab an accountability partner and let’s start, tomorrow.

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