I would have said start saving in the next 10, but it takes a few minutes to read this article.
Savings is part income but mostly part knowledge mixed with the dedication and motivation to get the work done. Think about this, some people make 10 times more than most people, but save just as much as you do. 
  1. Make a Budget. I harp on budgets, I know. I wrote a book about them. I think they are pretty important, its true. A budget is necessary. Before you decide to stop reading because a budget is not for you, IT IS. If it has not worked for you before, maybe you will be saving in an hour – take the time to make the budget. You can not save without knowing how much is available to save.
  2. Plug the leaks. Find all the ways you are spending way more than you should. Gourmet coffee (vs. bringing coffee from home), eating out, buying lunches at work (vs. bringing it from home), stopping by a convenient store for a snack (vs. bringing your own!) etc. Find the  leaks and plug them with solutions. If I bring my own coffee vs. buying Starbucks 3 times a week, that will save me $60 a month. If I do that with 3 other things, that might add up to $200. 
  3. Set goals. What is it you need to save for? Making the budget is hard enough – you need to stay focused on what you are working towards. Are you saving for emergencies? retirement? a big purchase like a car? children’s college fund? a vacation? Make a specific plan, for example – I want to save $1000 by January for a trip to Vegas. If that is in 5 months, you need $200 a month. 
The first 3 goals you can do in the next 20 minutes to get started, the next two will keep you and your savings going, long term.
  1. Track Spending. It is a budget’s evil step sister and step #2 of the plan. You need to make sure you are meeting your goals, staying on track with your budget, your leaks are staying plugged and you making your mark. I suggest doing this with an excel spreadsheet with each budget category or with phone applications like Mint.
  2. Stick to goals.  Times (and savings get hard) and sometimes, other things just seem more interesting! Remember why you started, why your goals are so important and your progress towards them. An accountability partner can be a great person to turn to on tough days. Pulling up your savings account balance is also a great motivator to keep going.

Now go! Start savings.

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