7 reasons to live below your means
I am sure you have heard it, we should spend less than we make. We, of course, should only spend what we make and not more. If we make $1000 a month we should not have $1500 in expenses, it just does not add up. But in reality, we should spend less than $1000, more like $800 or $900. 

  1. Where else are you going to get the money for the unexpected’s, the “oh shoot’s” and the, “my car (or house) needs, what?” and maybe “needs want….again!?” Truly. We ALL have emergencies, now or in the future and when we do, where is the money going to come from, if not from us? Before you jump on the credit card wagon, some people have exhausted those efforts, those options are too expensive or are unavailable because they have made poor money choices. Regardless, YOUR money is much cheaper (like, FREE!) than a credit card and it will not follow you after the emergency. Excellent. 
  2. It increases your income, by allowing you to spend less and create a nest egg for whatever you need: savings, paying down debt, future planning, specific purchases – whatever your goals call for. 
  3. If you are in debt, spending less than you make, allows you to put extra towards your debt payments, causing those debts to be paid off sooner freeing even more money up! Check out www.powerpay.org to see truly how much money you can save in paying off your debt quicker. 
  4. You never know when your income is going to be cut and you are going to need to live on less out of necessity. 
  5. You can show your children what it looks like to not spend everything, to have restraint, to have plans and follow them and how important it is for them to do the same.
  6. It is less stress! No more concern over living “paycheck to paycheck” but allowing you to have some flexibility in how you do your money, monthly.
  7. You have the decision about what you do. So many times, when we are living back to back, we are slaves to our money and the decisions we have previously made that we can not give when the opportunity arises or change jobs and follow our dreams when the door opens, because our financial situation is too closed off to allow it. 

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