I remember hearing the financial idea of the broke uncle, and thinking it was golden!
If you have an issue with your car, you take it to a trained and educated mechanic.
If you hurt yourself, you go to a doctor – someone with experience in that field.
If you need help with your money, you go to someone who is trained, educated and has experience in that field. If you have questions and want tips about what to do differently with your money, you ask someone who has been successful with their money.
It seems to make sense, but so often we go to someone we trust – that is not good with money, for advice. What else do we think we are going to receive from that individual, besides advice that, realistically, does that work.
If I want to be successful with money, I need to ask successful people how they are successful. What do they do and learn from it, to grow your plans.
DO NOT ask your broke uncle (or broke, anything) for money advice.
I remember the first time someone, very confused, asked what I was doing with envelopes of cash and I got to spend 20 minutes talking to the bank teller about the idea.
If people look at you funny when you make a financial decision, it is most likely the RIGHT choice, and you are having success. When you make poor decisions, people see the as normal.  If normal is broke (says Dave Ramsey), then I want to be weird.

Make this your money mantra. 

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  • Libuše Trnová | LinkedIn

    January 3, 2016 at 7:43 am
    Posted by d--h.info

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