• Thrive Financial Counseling works one-on-one with you to create a long-term plan that will work for you.

    Who is financial counseling good for? Everyone!Every can use financial education. I believe that financial success is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge.  You need the correct knowledge, valuable and true information to get you on track, no matter your needs or goals. We will also work on some techniques to change your behavior to be able to utilize that new financial education to work towards financial success!

    We offer a free initial consultation.At this consultation, we discuss your financial: background, goals and understanding. We will get an in depth understanding of YOU. During the consultation, Lauren will present you with a proposed plan, timeline and cost of services. From there, we will be able to start down that track.

     We use assessments, a goal plan and goal setting, an action plan, resources and referrals to other trusted agencies to fulfill your goals and help you to thrive financially.

    Cost of Services:

    Each plan is individualized and the length of time that it takes to complete it, to become financially stable will be different.

    On average, clients can plan to have 4-6 visits with Thrive, before they can manage their plan on their own.  Since every client is different, the total cost of the plan will also be different but on average, clients will spend $100-$200.

    WHOA! That is a LOT of money!

    This is your first step to thriving!

    1. A mind switch to what is important to spend your money on and what is not.
    2. Recognizing that spending, say $150 to save money, decrease debt and learn lifelong skills will make you thousands (and maybe millions!) is worth every penny.


     Where do we meet?

    The initial consultation will be done out in public; local coffee shop or restaurant, for instance, to build that relationship. The rest of the services we can decide where we would like to meet from there.

    Please contact us with any questions or to schedule your initial consultation.


    Remember, THRIVE offers a complete solution to your financial needs – whether we serve each need directly or refer you to someone who does. 

  • Thrive Accountability Group:

    Have you already developed a plan with Thrive but would like ongoing expertise as an accountability partner? Get assistance with questions as they arise? Double check or have Thrive review your plans or goals?

    Do you have financial goals and plan that you are working, but would like that professional accountability partner to review and provide feedback? You might have not yet had the opportunity to meet with Thrive regarding your financial plan and needs, but want to ask questions to a professional as you work your plan?

    The unlimited access plan through email or private Facebook group might be the perfect fit for your ongoing, long term needs or to get you started on your way towards thriving financially.

    $10 a month will give you access to Thrive’s to professional document review and consultations through email or Facebook. Through the Facebook group, you will also have the opportunity to see and take advantage of others questions and responses.

    *unlimited access subject to availability during the day vs. a scheduled and specific time of the day. Responses to questions will be answered within 24-48 hours and “unlimited” is subject to change from case to case based on individual overuse, which, might need to turn into a sit down conversation, paid hourly.


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