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    I have given this a lot of thought lately.
    Money has a lot of faces. We spend a lot of our time, when it comes to our money, with one of those looks on our faces. 
    We are successful with our money and it makes us happy.
    We are maybe angry with a decision we made or a way our money has gone.
    We are “over the moon” excited (can you guess which face, that one is?) about the state of our financial life and we want to tell everyone.
    We feel exhausted, confused, overwhelmed and everywhere in between.
    When I was taking these pictures with my husband and we laughed reviewing them, we made jokes about how some of them looked like faces he would make with our son when he was frustrating, our dogs when they poop on the carpet or when I ask him to go downstairs at 9pm because I forgot something.
    It reminded me that money is full of emotions just like everything else in our lives. If we remember that our lives are full of tasks led by emotions, it makes it easier for us to take a deep breath, focus on the task at hand and press on. We might even be able to laugh about it a little. I mean, what is going on with that bottom right picture. Seriously.

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  • Personal Finance Statistics

    • 70% of people are living paycheck to paycheck and only 55% of people are concerned about it.
    • 90% of millionaires are first generation rich and 90% of them agree you have to do it debt free.
    • Only 30% of households have a long-term plan for savings and investments.
    • 64% of Americans do not have enough cash on hand to cover a mortgage payment or one month of groceries for their families, if they were to lose their jobs and/or monthly income.
    • Only 32% of families have a household budget.
    • 1 out of 7 grown adults go back to live with their parents at some point in their lives.
    • 70% of people die without a will.
    • The banks made 29.5 billion in overdraft fees in 2013 and overdraft fees are 1/3 of the banks revenues.
    • 100 million people do not pay off their credit card balance every month.
    • 77% of airline miles are never redeemed.
    • Plastic users use 47% more money when purchasing items than cash users.
    • 63% of people who file bankruptcy do so because of credit card debt.
    • #1 cause of bankruptcy is health insurance issues and the #2 is credit cards.
    • 30% of people will face a permanent disability in their lifetime.
    • 30% of households do not have life insurance.
    • 31% of all households have no mortgage debt, but own a home.
    • 0% of those who pay for their house in cash, foreclose on their house.


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