• Many Non-Profit Agencies provide financial assistance to their clients, like Combat Veterans to Careers does.  Combat Veterans to Careers, www.combatveteranstocareers.org, works to support veterans through education, employment, affordable housing and wellness. Combat Veterans to Careers is one of many wonderful non-profit agencies who works with the community through a direct service program, providing financial resources to their clients to fulfill their mission.  I was hired to be a conduit, a third party resource and financial resource.

    Let me explain to you why I think this is so incredibly important.

    Whether you are an agency providing for veterans, homeless families or domestic violence survivors, those who are receiving one time or on-going financial assistance, desperately need the counseling to go along with it.  Someone who is lacking in financial resources, is doing so for a reason.  I have worked with individuals from domestic violence backgrounds that went from financial success, to homeless shelters in days, but some still lacked basic personal household financial understanding. I believe that everyone, EVERYONE could use financial education and counseling, but especially in the context of the relationship created in a direct service program.

    My interaction could look like an extension to your program, a call or a Skype meeting once a month or whatever the specific needs of your program are. A weekly assessment, call, briefing – all or none of the above, based on your program needs are.

    Another reason why I believe financial counseling is so important in a financial program? To weigh the success of your program to your donors, your board of directors, for potential grantors and to yourself, as a community support.

    Please reach out with questions on how a relationship can be formed. I look forward to serving your community together.

    “Combat Veterans to Careers is dedicated to assisting our Nation’s combat veterans transition from military to civilian life. One of the biggest challenges they each face is the ability to establish a realistic budget that allows for them to ensure they have a bright future while working through their present situations. Each of our veteran families have unique situations as well as varying schedules because of school, work and other family obligations. We are so grateful to have found Lauren and Thrive Financial Counseling. She is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to assist our families with a customized plan they can work within while making herself available between sessions to address anything that may come up. I think one of our veterans summed it up best when he shared his thoughts on working with Lauren & Thrive Financial. He was concerned about seeing yet another counselor as they had been through two others previously, but after their session via Skype, he was grateful for the time and information as he felt it was really helpful. Combat Veterans to Careers is grateful to have Thrive Financial Counseling as one of our professional partners.”

    Peggy Rochon, Senior Program Manager


    • Budget Planning
    • Basic Money Management
    • Long Term Planning
    • Debt Planning & Management
    • Credit Counseling
    • Large Purchase Planning
    • New Business Planning
    • Charitable Giving
    • Insurance & Investment Education
    • Bankruptcy Education
    • Resource & Referrals
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