My approach to finance. My financial philosophy. How I approach educating my clients.
I believe in education and empowering my client to understand and manage (and love to manage!) their own financial future for the rest of their lives.
I believe in owning not affording.
I teach having a financial future and looking forward to it vs. thinking just of today.
I teach. 
I believe in the opposite of stuff. That joy is found in what we can do with money, not what we can buy. Do not get me wrong, stuff is great. I have stuff and enjoy stuff, but so much more can be done with our money, than buy stuff.  I believe that when our money comes in, we should scatter it: some here, some there.  If I want to buy stuff, I have the cash to do it. If I want to retire one day, I have the cash to do it. If I want to go on vacation, I can. I have the cash to do it. Someone approaches me about giving to a cause I feel passionate about, I can.  
I, without a doubt, 100%, not 9 times out of 10, but every single time, not case by case, but every single case, every single client, no exemptions believe in a budget. My methods work because budgets work. Budgets work because your money HAS to have a plan, money has to know where to go for you to have success and confidence with your money, period. There is no other way. 
I believe that success with money takes time. There is no quick fix, no microwave opportunity to getting out of debt, becoming a millionaire, saving for retirement or any other financial goal you have. 

I am an educator, a financial counselor.

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