We talk about emergency savings in the financial world ALL THE TIME. Legitimately, all the time.
But, legitimately, it is an all the time important topic.
If you have not gotten on this gravy train, it is time.
I do not go a week (maybe not even a few days) without working with a client or hearing a story from a friend where emergency savings would have saved their family a ton of money, heartache, time, energy and frustration – and a lot of times a bankruptcy, a lost job or opportunity for their family.
Emergency savings accumulation is not easy but like most things in life – if they are worth doing, are difficult and this is no different. Here is a quick and easy path to focus on you on this important goal.
Make a budget. I should really be coined the budget girl. Like Dave Ramsey telling  people to sell their car, all my advice starts with making, keeping and tracking a realistic workable budget each and every month. No plan or goal will be seen to completion without a budget first.
Make room for the gravy train. You can not just start savings: something will have to give in return. $50 a month means $50 less in clothing. That is also a good idea, but what makes sure that interchange happens? A cash system for clothing and putting a plan in place for how and when you will spend on clothing is a great place to start. Eating out and other entertainment areas are great places as well.
Start small. Don’t throw yourself into a massive – maybe unrealistic goal, to be unsuccessful and never return to saving for emergencies, build yourself up, just like you would for a hot dog eating contest or for a marathon. Bad analogies, I know.
Stick to your guns.  Big occasion? nice opportunity for a fancy date night? kids did well at school, want to treat them to ice cream? If you have made the room, you made the choices, stick to those guns – it will pay off in the end and the longer you stick to them, the easier it will get.
Reap the rewards. The next time your car needs new tires, the rewards will feel amazing.

What emergency would be amazing to be able to make a way for? Answer at #twitterfinance

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