• “The Only Budget Book”

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    “Don’t let the usual bored feeling you associate with finances and budgets scare you off from reading this book. This is not that dull, soul crushing text book you had to read in your mandatory Accounting class. Ms. Welch’s writing uses subtle humor throughout the book and is easy to read.” 

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  •  The only Budget Book

    …you will ever need (and thank goodness for that!)

    by: Lauren Welch, AFC.

    Thrive Financial Counseling, LLC

    Do you find the idea of cleaning toilets more interesting (and even more rewarding!) than talking about budgets?

    Does having (and following) a budget scare you?

    Do you want to successfully live with a budget but no matter what you have tried, you have not been able to successful make, keep and track your financial life with a budget?


    This electronic, downloadable book is written to anyone looking to get into, fall in love (or back in love) with or receive tips and resources to get started on the right track to being successful financially, with budgets.

    It sure is the dreaded b..b…b “B” word and for good reason! Budgets make people scared, confused and self conscious and let’s be honest, most of the time we would rather just not do it. If this is you, grab this good read and get back on track.

    Lauren writes in a fun but educational way that brings the important topic the time and respect it needs. 

    Once downloaded and saved or printed, it can truly be “The only Budget Book” you will ever need.

    …and thank goodness for that!

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