Does anyone else spout that phrase to their children, especially? 
Can I have a new toy? 
Nope, we can not afford it.
Can we go get ice cream?
Can’t afford it!
I urge you to make a small change.
Can I have a new toy?
It does not fit in our budget this month. (Why?) Mom and Dad set aside money each month for everything you need and some of our wants, so we can grow our savings (pay down debt etc.)
Now, it might be truly that you can not afford it BUT when you make the mind switch to what is available in your budget (and you have one that you follow!) your children, as they do for everything else, can mirror your words and behaviors. Another plus? They do not feel like Mom and Dad are having money problems but instead, that they have a plan and structure. 

Fun is allowed (just needs to be budgeted for!). Like I have talked about before, it is important to talk to your children about money. Tell them where it comes from, why and how we budget and show them your giving and check writing. a healthy, educated look at money will go a long way for your children.

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